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Thanks for using ChitChatChannel. You can use the chitchat app for free with your current log in credentials. The app is on the Android Google Play Store. To get it click here or search for ‘ChitChat by ikeSOFT’

About the Pro version:

This corporate or web version is a paid version. There are many benefits to using this.The web version has corporate features which suddenly changes the game: 

It offers hyperlinking on channels, which means users can create Wiki’s to define themselves.

They can also create newsletters where hyperlinking posts means their uses can read endless context.

They can create and include ads within their posts (with a few restrictions). 

They can video-stream on their channels and broadcast through YouTube (may have to use a 3rd party assistance). 

Own your own Shopping Channel which means you can livestream in realtime, connect to YouTube, and sell all at once. 

Used creatively with the order deliver system, it is opens up possibilities.

While the app user can search for channels, this pro user in addition, can use GPS to find channels.

Your channel number is your influencer code. It will be activated after 24 -48 hours. Use it to invite your friends, or prospects, or subscribers to join your channels using your referral codes. If used during registration they will be able to port directly into your channel.

ChitChatChannel has its own Agile Scrum methodology called CHASD. (See video 1 and video 2) For teams who want greater inclusiveness and visibility this is your must-have partner.

And remember, whatever you post here shows up on the web platform viewable to the whole world so it is like your own website — and it also shows up in the app. (And you can include your corporate ads like this, below)

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The pro version enables you get more out of chitchat.


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