About Us

ChitChatChannel, is a social media that offers a free way for businesses, influencers, groups and everyday people to grow a brand, build a clientele of followers, customers or teams, and achieve business or personal goals.https://chitchatchannel.com

The page is displayed on channels which can be free or attract paid access. People can find channels by searching by GPS, channel#, or name. At any time, a channel or business page can be used as a store-outlet simply by posting products for sale in-between posts, or by keeping a dedicated channel for your shop or business. The ordering system is integrated in some cities with realtime shipping meaning that stores can take online orders & have real time delivery; otherwise, you have the option to save some money by making your own delivery arrangements. The video telephony (like zoom) integrated in every channel brings alive your page. Restaurants can now beam live events to engage customers at home while they ship & deliver food orders. Retailers can host live-bazaars’ while selling their products in realtime. Real estate agents can host open houses to their signed-up followers to get that crucial sale. Virtual schooling becomes interactive, and can offer paid-courses, and influencers can host reality shows on their free or paid channels. Here are some features and how to use them: The Social Media ecosystem (chitchatchannel.com) . When logged-in, you can also join the ‘Training Channel’ at 1463.1 for videos and live interaction.

So whatever the use of a social media page — whether you are checking them out or offering a brand, you are right there, partaking in the new digital economy.